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Fantasy Cooking – an Introduction

Fantasy Cooking is an amazing technique to change the way you perceive and consume food. Is it healthy? Possibly! Is it fun? Definitely! And the best part? It does not require any work to turn an ordinary meal into something amazing! So let me introduce you to Fantasy Cooking with an example. Given the choice, […]

Rat Tails – Cheesy Snack

There is a saying in virtually every culture about using every part of something so that nothing goes to waste. That might be the buffalo for some Humans, the forest for an Elf and the Elf for an Orc. While for the Dwarves, the traditional saying is to use every part of the mountain, it […]

Naming Recipes – Beginner’s Guide

Every epic experience starts with a name. You would expect a lot from something named “the best food you’ll ever eat”. On the other hand, a dish called “You probably will not throw up afterward” is unlikely to be met with positive feelings. Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Naming Recipes! When it comes to […]

Gnome Waybread – Sweet Herb Cookies

Gnomisches Wegbrot am Stück

Elven waybread satiated with the first bite – because it is impossible do get any more down afterwards. Gnome Waybread however can do much more, because it only satiates after eating quite a lot of it. But opposed to its more well known elven counterpart, it makes you happy starting with the first bite. Print […]

Introducing Jabbado. The actual Jabbado.

There is one question about this blog, pretty much hidden in plain sight. The question is “Who is Jabbado?”, and while the obvious answer is that Jabbado is a Gnome with culinary ambitions, there is more to it than that. Actually, there are two points of view that I need to cover in order to […]

Swamp Dragon Ragout – Ragout with Beer-Nettle-Sauce

Many do not consider the swamp dragon to be actual dragons, because they neither gather a hoarde, nor have they ever been caught terrorising a settlement. They prefer living in peace and seclusion in the swamps of the world. Which is probably why they are being caught and bred to the extend that they are, […]

Rat Goulash – Goulash with Blue Cheese

Dwarves love eating rats, but sometimes even the hardiest among them cannot stomach those that have had the chance to stew a little on their own before they were found. The Rat Goulash is one of those recipes that turns even those borderline inedible rats into a tasty if somewhat different taste bud experience. Actually, […]

Fried Orc – Meatballs with Nut-and-Tomato Sauce

One of the most persistent rumors about Orcs is that they will eat their own kind every now and then. Of course, this rumor is nothing but true – after all, some Orcs are not really worth digging a hole for. Which is where the Fried Orc comes in. In real-world terms, this is a […]

Streetrat – Peppered Rice Dish with Meat

Despite the increasing number of new breeds, the plain old Streetrat is still very popular among Dwarves. Not least because it offers a quick and filling meal after a fateful encounter with a cart or a cat. Also because it keeps the streets clean(er). In reality, this recipe is quickly made and tastes great, with […]

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