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Dwarves generally live underground, and the feeling that the roof might cave in at any moment has certainly left its mark on them. Just like they tend to compensate their lack of stature with armor and creative armaments. Likewise, dwarven recipes rely mostly on ingeniuity and the main source of nutrition for modern dwarves – rats.

Dwarves attend even formal gatherings in full armor, and it is considered impolite to show up without at least a warhammer or a pair of battle axes if there is the slightest chance of soclai interaction. As a host for dwarves you have to be aware of that risk. But the reward for going that extra mile – usually in obtaining quality rats – is worth it.

Dwarves repay good food not just with praising noises for the chef. They also offer friendship or mining rights. The later is considered the most valuable thing one dwarf can give to another, and is often preferrable to friendship. But if you as a not-dwarf believe that chosing mining rights is an easy way to score points, you are sadly mistaken. Not making use of mining rights offered counts as a grave offense, and requires the use of the aforementioned weapons.

Have fun on this trip into dwarven cuisine!

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