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Humans are everywhere, and the same goes for traditional human recipes. Due to the number of different cultures that humans have developed or taken over, it is next to impossible to give you a comprehensive overview.

Instead, Jabbado decided to focus on one part of it in particular that smells of adventure and tastes of danger – the eating of dragons, as it is common on the large plains west of Kalinth. His choice was also fueled by the knowledge that this tradition puts a strong emphasis on the slaying of the dragon and the dangers inherent to it.

Of course, Jabbado is aware that this self-imposed limitation will paint a somewhat skewed picture of human cuisine, and maybe he will find the time to explore some other elements of this complex field more in-depth. In addition to that, he also encountered other human recipes that are, on their own, worth being mentioned, and he will try giving them the room they deserve.

Enjoy eating dragons!

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