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Orcs are widely known as ravaging green horde that travels around in groups looking for reasons to hit others or, if necessary, each other over the head with their clubs. To assume, though, that Orc recipes would be equally primitive, would be a mistake.

After several involuntary journeys with different tribes and a certain amount of therapy, Jabbado can now beg to differ. The culinary demands of the average Orc are not only above those of grazing cattle, but they are also rather flexible when it comes to obtaining ingredients and turning them into something edible.

Jabbado does not want to cast a negative light on the Ocs just because they abducted him several times for no reason. After all he managed to earn their respect once they realized that he was a decent cook and had the ability to write down Orc recipes in a usable fashion. Even though that might have caught the eyes of other tribes later.

For safety reasons, Jabbado wants to point out that even though the recipes laid down here are good, they should never be prepared for actual Orcs if you can avoid it.

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